How technology is changing work and organization

Technology has now become a part of our lives because of its ability to solve our daily life problems. So, how technology is changing work? Today technology has efficiently linked together all countries on earth. Moreover, it helps to create globalization and making it quite easy for economies to grow and for businesses to do their business.

How technology is changing work?

The influence of technology on work, both in communication and in manufacturing, has significantly increased the production rate and speed at which business occurs. The advances of Technology in the workplace have greatly helped the workers to become more competent than ever before. What used to take hours to complete now can take only some minutes.

It is changing organizational performance?

The revolution in Technology will force changes in basic administrative functions. Technological change will help organizations to effectively focus on planning, decision making, control, and coordination. This in turn leads to better organizational performance as well as increase production rate.
The advances in technology have the capability to influence how humans go about their daily lives. This involves how individuals complete their tasks around work and at home. For trivial businesses, the outline and use of new technology can help rationalize processes and increase worker productivity if properly managed.

How technology is effective in performing jobs?

Technology benefits in keeping the business fully organized while providing effective solutions to organization technical issues.
The progress in technology lets for more effectual production of more and improved goods and services, which is what success depends on.
The widespread of technology powered by the Internet has led to constructive cultural changes, especially in developing countries. Easier, and faster communication has subsidized the increase of democracy, along with the alleviation of poverty. Globalization can also increase cultural responsiveness and promote diversity.

Technology has shaped amazing tools and properties, knocking useful info at our fingertips. Current technology has covered the way for multi-functional devices, for example, the smartwatch, and the smartphone

Can we live without technology?

For most people, technology is not something we give another thought too, but for some people factually we can’t live without technology